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“Maithrimeter: Tracking progress, 100 days and beyond” is a promise tracker maintained by Verité Research’s pioneering platform, Manthri.lk. The purpose of the Maithrimeter is to monitor the progress of implementation of  President Sirisena’s 100-day plan. It evaluates the level of implementation vis-vis a possible score of 100.

The Maithrimeter uses a weighted scoring mechanism to assign a score to each of President Sirisena’s promises such that the total score adds up to 100. The weights have been assigned to the promises by taking into consideration the relative importance that was attached to each of the promises by a range of analysts in academia who were surveyed during the research. The present scoring looks solely at the level of implementation of promises without any reduction in the score for the time delays that have occurred in implementation.

In January 2019, after four years of President Sirisena being in power, the Manthri.lk team decided to refer to the Maithrimeter to see what has happened to the 100-day plan. Despite the rate of implementation being slow, the Maithrimeter indicated a score of 93 out 100 for the promises fulfilled during these four years.

The Maithrimeter categorizes the 100-day promises under five subcategories. The progress score received under each of the five subcategories is given below.

Exhibit 1: Progress score of the 100-day promises under subcategories of the Maithrimeter


From the above, we decided to take a closer look at the promises that have seen partial or no progress. These promises are given in Exhibit 2.

Exhibit 2: Promises that have seen partial or no progress under each of the Maithrimeter subcategories